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Wedding Guidelines
 Holy Matrimony 

Wedding Guidelines

General Information

  1. A couple should request permission for its wedding at Our Lady Queen of Poland from the pastor. Phone requests will not be honored. The parish priest will see if the date requested is available and indicate it in our parish Mass book.
  2. After the pastor grants permission, arrangements for marriage preparation course classes are to be made.
  3. Arrangements should be made at Church before other arrangements (such as the reception hall, etc.) are made. Usual preparations for marriage require at least 6 months prior to the wedding.
  4. In case of a previous marriage – no plans are to be made until proper procedures of annulment are made and annulment(s) is (are) granted.
  5. We encourage the couple to register as active members of the parish.


Due to certain religious services throughout the year, particular days are not available for weddings. Please note the days and times that are not available.

  1. Normally we do not conduct weddings during the Advent or Lenten Seasons (4 weeks before Christmas and 6 weeks before Easter, respectively).
  2. The parish does not conduct weddings on Fridays or Sundays.

Documentation Needed

  1. If either party was married before, the following documentation is needed before any plans are to be made:
    1. A copy of the civil divorce papers.
    2. The documentation of a church annulment.
    No date is to be arranged until the annulment (if necessary) procedure is complete.
  2. Baptismal and Confirmation certificates.
    1. Contact the church of your Baptism and Confirmation and obtain a recently dated copy of your Baptismal certificate and Confirmation certificate. Please note that the documentation is to be a recent copy (i.e., not more than six months old) of your Baptism/Confirmation—an old copy of your Baptism/Confirmation certificate is not acceptable.
  3. The Pre-nuptial investigation papers. These will be filled out during one of the visits with the priest arranging the wedding.
  4. The couple must obtain a civil marriage license in advance of the wedding, not more than thirty (30) days before the wedding, nor less than 24 hours before the wedding. The marriage license should be given to the priest no later than at the wedding rehearsal.


  1. Contact our organist to make arrangements for the music for the wedding.
  2. Our Lady Queen of Poland does not allow music from popular shows and secular music under any circumstances.
  3. On occasion, guest organists, singers, relatives and the like are requested. While it is appreciated that other musicians are or may be qualified, it is not the practice at Our Lady Queen of Poland to replace our own musicians who work here on a regular basis. Please understand that this request is discouraged.

Decorations – Processions – Photographers

  1. The question always arises, “Can we throw rice?” THE FOLLOWING ARE FORBIDDEN: RICE, CONFETTI, NOODLES, BIRD SEED, BALLOONS, FLOWER PETALS, AND ANY SIMILAR SUBSTANCE THAT WOULD HAVE TO BE SWEPT OR MOPPED AWAY! They are not to be brought into the church or used on the church property!
  2. Arrangements for flowers and runners (if used) are to be made by the bride and groom with the florist of their choice. The parish can recommend florists who have worked with the parish. If a runner is desired, inform the florist that no tape is to be used on the floor.
  3. The florist should speak to a priest regarding the placement of flowers.
  4. Due to fire regulations certain decorations may not be allowed in the aisles or on the benches. For details please consult with the priest. If decorations are to be placed on the benches (e.g. bows) they are to be secured with rubber bands or string. No tape is to be used.
  5. A maximum of five (5) couples, excluding the best man and maid of honor are permitted.
  6. Videographers, photographers and the like are to use discretion in their work. No photographer, etc., is permitted in the Sanctuary. If cables, etc. are used no tape is to be used on the floor.
  7. It is important that on the day of the wedding, that the ceremony begin on time. If someone is late—bride or groom or any other in the wedding party—the Mass will be canceled and a simple marriage ceremony will be celebrated.

Rehearsal Time

Rehearsals are ordinarily scheduled on the Friday before the wedding.


You must remember that you are receiving a Sacrament. It is necessary that you be in the state of grace. It is vital that part of your preparation for marriage includes receiving the Sacrament of Penance - particularly for the Catholic party. Please plan ahead to make a good confession prior to your wedding so that you may reap the full sacramental benefits of this special day of yours. Confessions are heard after the rehearsal here at the parish.

A Final Thought

Individuals reading these regulations are sometimes offended. It is not our intention to offend; it is our intention to provide all couples with equal and fair treatment. If you cannot or do not wish to accept them, please do not hesitate to locate another parish church for your wedding.

 Holy Matrimony 
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