Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus (Polish)

The Congregation of Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus founded by blessed Fr. Honoratus Kozminski (1829-1916) OFM Cap. December 10, 1887 in Warsaw, Poland.

At that time the Polish Nation and its religion was under severe persecution by Russians. Our Congregation was called to life without any exterior sings of the religious state (Secret Sisters), to work among young workers, to encourage suffering people to perseverance.

For 122 years the Congregation has helped people of different social conditions by working in hospitals, schools, orphanages and parishes in Poland, England, Slovakia, Lithuania, Namibia, and Canada.

In 1976, three of our Sisters arrived in Radway AB to work in the diocese of Saint Paul. For five years the Sisters were living with Sisters of Charity working in their hospital in Radway, in the parish and learning English and Canadian way of life. After that time Sisters bought a house, moved to Smoky Lake, and have been living there.

The Sisters actively participate in the parish. They visit people in homes and work in Smoky Lake Hospital and Nursing Home. Two of them who work there as nursing staff having contact with many Ukrainian people which very often don't know English and they can communicate with them because of similar of our languages.

In 1991, three new sisters from Poland came to Edmonton to work in the Daycare and the Polish Parish of Our Lady Queen of Poland.

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Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus

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